Journey in May 2012

May marks the coming of summer, exams as well as holidays. Unfortunately, saying goodbye to friends as well. They may go to other countries or go back to their countries to do research, moving out of campus or go home for holidays. Some of them choose to stay in the home countries to write up the dissertations and go back just to hand in the dissertations (actually, you can hand in your dissertation by post, so their reason behind for going back to London is to catch up with friends 🙂 ) Two of my close friends, as well as good classmates, moved out yesterday. One is going to Ghana for her research, the other to Canary Wharf to have more time in Central. Wish them good luck for the next phase of the journey.

Since September 2011, this is the second phase of the master life: your dissertation. The first one consisted of making friends, getting to know Brunel, Uxbridge & London, lectures, assignments, presentations, essays & exams. However, it doesn’t sound that boring. Because you can fit in daytrips (with Brunel International, Brunel Friends International or your classmates), lots but not only a night out, going to Central at the weekends (normally more enjoying after handing in essays & exams). Clubs & nightlife are integral into Brunel since you got the Academy & the Hub on campus. You can often meet up with friends at the Hub or the Academy during your 15-minute break from writing your assignments or essays.

The night before they moved out, we met up at a Vietnamese restaurant at Soho. The food was good & the place was cozy though the music didn’t match the Vietnamese food. It should be Vietnamese music instead. Anyway, we still enjoyed our time & the food there.

My people, people

Pho, Vietnamese crepe (bánh xèo) & Lotus stem, chicken & Prawn Salad (gỏi ngó sen tôm thịt)

Pandan cake & ice cream

For me, I managed to go to Bangor during the bank holiday to try fencing for the first time. I did not won but it was interesting. My friend did not succeed in sending me my fencing clip. So only a few pictures from the trip.

The newly recruited fencer 🙂

Garth Pier – the second longest pier in Wales

Garth pier from another view

Another view of Garth Pier

I was really excited before going to the Puffin Island. I imagined me patting & feeding one Puffin. The cruise, however, only circled around the island. So I didn’t have a chance to touch the Puffin. Only saw them from afar.

Puffin Island – home to seagulls, cormorants & of course the Puffin 🙂

Puffin Island 2

For my friends, I hope this is not a good bye. I can still hang out with them either in Central or in Uxbridge. For my friend who go back to Germany, we already plan a reunion ahead (inspired by “American Pie: The reunion”): we will catch up in September when she comes here to hand in her dissertation… Thanks to Brunel that we’ve met & known each other.

So this is not and will be the last good bye. We will definitely see each other in September.


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